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Get to Know Us

Originally started out as Financial Analysts in the Fintech mortgage industry, we shifted our focus to managing short-term rentals.  After seeing a huge influx of in-office jobs becoming remote, we decided to fill a need for traveling professionals.  Now providing travelers housing for work, relocation, or leisure.  We have partnered with Residential and Commercial Landlords with our Master Lease Partnership Agreement.  Guaranteed Income for property owners, no worry about defaulting tenants and no ability to evict.

Areas of Operation

Currently Operating in all of Texas.

We are always looking to expand to other areas; if you are a landlord/owner please contact us if you are looking to solve your vacancy problems.

Customer Service

We manage all of our short-term rentals with the same love, attention, and customer service.  Doing so helped provide and receive 5-Star Reviews throughout our listings.

What We Offer

Peace of mind to our partners.

Guaranteed Rental Income

Payments made on time and directly deposited to your account.

No Turnover

We stay for the full term of our lease agreement and are happy to retain good relationships.

Why Us?

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